Uninspiring Posters by Linzie Hunter

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Handmade Combs by Andreas Ejerfors

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Normal is Boring by Victoria Bellavia

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Hande Lettering by Ian Barnard

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So very #sexy… #braille #cellulite #ecard #imworkingonit

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Follow Your Braille Dreams

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Hip Hop Type Vol.1 by Paolo Jose Salgado

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120 Logo Templates: The Logo Mock Up and Design Kit (76% off).

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  • 70 Retro Logo Templates
    Need to whip up some nifty new logo designs? Or perhaps create some buttons or promotional graphics for your website? This collection of 70 retro logo, badge and insignia templates is just what the doctor ordered.
  • 6 Retro Sets
    This bundle includes 6 fantastic retro signs and badges templates, including:
    • Retro Signs or Badges v.3
    • Retro Insignias or Badges v.3
    • Retro Signs or Badges v.2 Bonus
    • Retro Signs or Badges v.2
    • Retro Signs or Banners
    • Retro Insignias or Badges

Check the full list here:

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El lugar donde la magia y el encanto fueron los protagonistas mas importantes de la noche #cirquedusoleil #genios

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And then there’s this guy.

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Global Font by Anthony James

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